Ant Removal Services in Richmond, VA

While ants are important to the ecosystem when they are in their natural environment, in your home they are a nuisance that can cause discomfort, and even damage, to your home.

Various ant species, such as pavement ants or house ants, can overwhelm your floors or pantries in massive amounts in order to feast from your food products or any food crumbs left behind. Other species, like the fire ant, are aggressive and can give a painful and persistent bite. And certain species of ants, such as the carpenter ant, can chew through the wood of your home, compromise its integrity, and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Ant Prevention

To help prevent ants and other insects from entering your home, it's best to follow a few basic steps to help keep your home pest-free:

  • Seal and screen all entry points to your home, including windows, doors, window frames, and cracks on the walls or floors.
  • Clean regularly, as ants and other insects are attracted to leftover food that may be left out in the open.

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