Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you'll make during your lifetime, so getting a professional inspection is a small but vital step in the process. 

Woman showing insect traces to pest control worker at home

There are many unseen pests that can destroy your home and most buyers don't know what signs to look for. A professional pest control company will know precisely where to check and what signs to look for during the inspection. The inspector won't just look for wood-damaging pests like termites, they will inspect for many other pests that can wreak havoc in your newly-bought home. To give you an idea, here are examples of the damage some common pests can do:

  • Cockroaches: These invasive pests tend to live in dark, warm places indoors and are known to carry diseases. They leave a trail of debris including droppings and egg casings.
  • Earwigs: These pests feed on plants, vegetables, flowers, and decaying organic matter. They can easily destroy a beautiful landscape. 
  • Rodents: These pests can carry dangerous diseases that can be transmitted to humans. They also cause damage to the property by gnawing on wires within walls and nesting in household items.
  • Silverfish: These pests will eat a wide range of items that include packaged  food, fabrics, paper, and even materials like glue. They tend to hide in closets, basements, and bookcases.

Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home and then realizing there is a pest infestation in the house. The outbreak could harm your family’s health and your valued property and personal items. Moreover, there will be added expenses to get rid of the pests the longer it goes on.

If pest problems are identified before moving in, you can take the proactive necessary measures to address them. Conducting a pre-purchase pest inspection is your best step for you to know all about the existence of a pest problem before it becomes an unwelcome surprise. A professional will also give you an estimate of how much you will have to spend to resolve it.

A pre-purchase pest inspection gives you the confidence that you are investing in a pest-free house. Pre-purchase pest control will help you assess the actual value of the property that you are considering. The inspection reports will help you judge if you are getting a good deal on the house or not. 

If there are pests, you can negotiate with the seller to reduce the price of the house to cover what you will spend on pest control. You can even ask for seller concessions to offset the potential costs. Better yet, you can request that they complete residential pest control and give you a pest-free house before you get to the closing table. A pest inspection gives you the negotiating power and ensures you pay a fair price.

There could also be hidden issues in the house that may not be visible during the first inspection. Pest and pre-purchase building inspections will reveal all such problems, providing you with a complete overall picture of the investment.

These inspections help in identifying issues in the materials or construction of the house and highlight potential pest problems so that you can make an informed purchasing decision based on the inspection reports.

Depending on your loan program, mortgage lender, home insurance policy, and the state you live in, a termite or pest inspection may even be required before you can close on your new home. 

With all the possibilities of an invasive, destructive infestation of any number of pests it's certainly a good idea to contact your local pest control company to set up an inspection before purchasing. Spence’s Pest Control is your trusted local pest company and we are here to assist with all of your pest control needs.