There are several species of crickets and they can all become a huge nuisance once they invade. Not only are they noisy, they are also very destructive especially if they are indoors. Although cricket infestations are more common outdoors they can occur inside your home, garages and basement areas. If you’re seeing crickets inside your home, there are more serious predators that can follow. So getting rid of these pests is an important step to keep other invasive critters out.

Problem areas and signs that you’ve got a cricket problem

Cricket Problem It’s important to know crickets tend to prefer to remain at floor level. Basements and garages are especially attractive to them. Since moisture may be present in a basement along with clutter such as tools and sporting goods these pests find it an ideal environment.

There are some obvious signs you’ll notice if you have a cricket problem and some steps to take to avoid an infestation. The chirping sound of crickets is the most obvious sign that they are near. Almost everyone has seen a cricket hopping around, but if you notice there’s more constant cricket activity than just seeing a random one and much more constant chirping it could mean they have infested that area. Crickets are typically nocturnal so you will notice more activity in problem areas at night time.

Steps to deter crickets

These pesky hoppers congregate near light in the evening, so consider replacing bright lights with less attractive bug lights. Keep any trash and recycle containers a good distance from your home. Clean these containers out on a regular basis to assure crickets and other insects aren’t living in them. Crickets also like dark, moist areas to hide in so check under planters and woodpiles to be sure they aren’t congregating in these areas.

Keep your home clear of attractive items that will draw crickets inside. They eat a variety of items including paper, glue, fur, and even other crickets. Soiled clothing is also very appealing to them. Clean up any spilled food immediately. Pull out all kitchen appliances and clean behind and underneath. Grease attracts crickets, so thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your stove and oven. Pet fur and dust balls are also alluring to crickets so keep a lookout for these materials. To reduce the likelihood of crickets infesting your basement, put away clutter and consider placing a dehumidifier in the basement. Decreasing humidity will make any area less desirable to them.

Feel for any leaks around exterior areas. Seal up any areas that have leaks or cracks around storm doors or windows by using caulk or weather seal strips. Soon after mowing rake up any grass or debris, do not throw it back in a mulch pile as that will only provide another area the crickets will be drawn to. They will live in and eat grass cuttings.

Crickets can damage your treasured items, such as furniture, clothing and food. Also, if you run a commercial property, customers who spot these little invaders may view the property negatively. So prevention and treatment are key. Although you can take steps on your own to eliminate crickets, you should turn to the professionals to control the problem if it becomes severe. The experienced technicians at Spence’s Pest Control can help with all of your pest problems.