You may not be familiar with this pest named the drugstore beetle, but it is fairly common. The drugstore beetle has a couple other names. It's often referred to as; bread beetle or biscuit beetle. This pest is a tiny brown beetle that is known to infest a wide variety of dried plant products. The drugstore beetle is found all over the world, though it is more common in warmer climates.

What Are Drugstore Beetles and How Can I Exterminate Them

Drugstore beetles have a tendency to feed on pharmacological products, hence the name. Its preference is dried herbs and plant material that is sometimes used to manufacture drugs. Drugstore beetles have even been known to feed on strychnine, a highly toxic herbal extract. Its diet can include dried foods and spices, as well as hair, leather, and books. 

Signs of infestation 

Recognizing signs of pests can help to prevent a severe infestation. Drugstore beetles like items you might store in a pantry or cabinet. If you see holes chewed through the outside packaging of food it's likely an infestation.

Steps for a successful extermination 

1) Clean out the infested area. Once the beetles have found their way inside your home, the adult beetles will lay their eggs. You must remove all food sources in order to get rid of the beetle including whole grains, processed grains and other organic material. While they are highly adept at chewing their way out of paper products, cardboard, foil, and plastic film to escape the package in which they have undergone metamorphosis to adults, they are somewhat less likely to eat into a sealed container or plastic bag. By cleaning out the infested area you can avoid a reinfestation. 

2) Prevention and inspection. It's always easier to take steps to prevent an infestation rather than deal with an infestation. Start by checking the food packaging after you make a  purchase. Make sure the packaging appears untampered and secure with no visible chew marks or holes. Most infestations occur because food products are purchased and kept in storage for many months and existing beetles are given time to breed. Try to have a routine of cleaning out and inspecting food items monthly. Begin the inspection process by looking through the areas where you store food products. If you have discovered adult drugstore beetles in the pantry then you most likely have some food items they are actively eating and breeding in.

Use plastic containers for food items that aren't refrigerated. Taking the time to replace the original packaging of items with plastic containers can prevent drugstore beetles from infesting those items. 

3) Professional pest control. Sometimes professional pest services are needed to effectively get rid of an infestation. By the time you're noticing signs of a pest infestation it's likely already pretty severe. There are some DIY things you can do to spot and prevent infestations but professionals know where to inspect and have the experience and equipment to effectively handle your pest problems. Sometimes a treatment plan is needed to reinspect and even retreat if the original infestation was severe. 

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