Mice can easily find their way indoors. Once they are inside they will build nests. Just one or two mice can quickly become an infestation resulting in an even bigger mouse problem that is nearly impossible for the average homeowner to successfully solve.

Mouse. Rodents mice pests in the house. Mouse close -up. Mouse in a residential building looking for food. Mouse in the trash.

There are some DIY mouse control options, such as trapping and using a bait consisting of poison, yet it’s advisable to hire a professional exterminator when dealing with a mouse problem. These are the top five reasons.

  1. Mice are persistent. We know mice are very small, but most people don't realize they can squeeze under a doorway or any area with a gap the size of a quarter. They will fit into areas that you would think only an insect could fit through. This allows them to hide and sneak in without being seen. They scurry mostly at night so often remain unseen until there are many inside.
  2. Mice breed rapidly. The typical mouse life cycle will vary, but generally lasts about two years indoors, which can be a problem for residents trying to tackle an infestation on their own. On average, an adult female mouse can have over 60 babies in one year. Then those baby mice produce more babies and so on.
  3. Mice are destructive. Mice chew everything they can get their teeth into. A piece of furniture, clothing, books, and wood in your home are all vulnerable to damage. Mice will also chew through food packaging and contaminate any items they come into contact with. 
  4. Mice carry diseases. As mice run throughout your house they drop feces and urine and spread germs with their feet everywhere they walk. The germs they spread are serious and even life threatening especially to those with vulnerable immune systems. 
  5. Mice will often return. Mice like to live where there's shelter and food. They will often return to an indoor environment that provides these elements. Trapping them on your own is possible but a broader pest control plan is important in the long term to keep rodents out of your home. 

As with any pests, especially ones that carry diseases, it's advisable to seek the help of professionals who will know what to look for when evaluating the extent of the problem and how best to solve it. Professional exterminators have the experience and proper equipment to provide the most effective plan in ridding your house of mice. 

If you suspect a mice problem or any other pests Spence’s Pest Control is your trusted local pest control company and we are here to help. Contact us for an inspection and keep your home worry free from any pest related problems.