If you’ve ever reached for your wool or cashmere sweater when the temperature starts to drop and noticed tiny holes in the fabric, you are familiar with moths. While clothes moths are a common pest that can wreak havoc on your wardrobe, there are preventative measures you can take to protect your clothing.

Protecting Your Clothing from Moths

Seasonal Clean Out

Take the time each season—whether it is before, after, or both—to thoroughly clean out your wardrobe. This will not only help with moth prevention, but allow you to organize the items of clothing that you will be getting rid of, replacing, or keeping in your collection. Remove everything prior to vacuuming and wipe down any shelves with a disinfectant of your choice, give your items of clothing a shake outside before washing and return to the closet or dresser.

Store Off-Season Clothing

When storing off-season clothing, you will want to utilize airtight containers, such as plastic storage bins or vacuum seal bags — especially any natural fibers, such as animal or hair, as these materials are favored by clothing moths. Prior to storing and for better protection, ensure garments are thoroughly washed and dried before folding and putting them into containers or bags. Since moths do not like cotton or synthetic fabrics, you can place the items of clothing into cotton pillow cases for additional protection although it isn’t necessary when stored properly.

Vacuum and Vent Regularly

Try to vacuum your home weekly or at least regularly. Focusing on the areas where you keep clothing along with the corners and cracks in closets that are often overlooked. After vacuuming your closets, keep the door open for some time afterward for air circulation. For dressers you can also vacuum with an attachment followed by wiping down and allowing it to dry completely before putting your clothing back.

Natural Moth Repellent

Consider a natural alternative that might act like a repellent for clothing moths. While not certain because scientists are still skeptical, pouches with lavender and other herbs like thyme might help repel clothing moths when placed in locations such as hangers in your closet or tucked into a dresser drawer. After regularly cleaning out your wardrobe, the addition of a lavender satchel will not just add a pleasant aroma, but can help keep moths away too!

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