Mosquitoes can seem relentless as they thrive and breed during the early spring months and far into the autumn season. Mosquitoes can breed in a very small amount of water, even a capful of water provides a potential breeding ground for these bloodsuckers. A professional pest control company is your best line of defense against mosquitoes and other seasonal pests, though there are some do-it-yourself steps you can take to help make your yard uninviting to mosquitoes.

stop mosquitoes from taking over your yard

  • 1. Make sure you keep grass and shrubbery maintained. Tall grass attracts bugs as it gives them places to hide and seek shelter from the heat during the warmer months. Cut back shrubbery especially near your windows, walkways, and doors.
  • 2. Be sure that screens are secure if you keep your windows or doors open during cool evenings. Check to ensure that they do not have holes, which will allow mosquitoes to enter your home.
  • 3. Consider having regularly scheduled treatments applied to your yard during the warmer months. Professional pest companies will routinely treat your yard with effective pesticides to safely control these pests.
  • 4. Avoid being outdoors during prime mosquito hours when they’re most active during dusk and dawn. When you do go outdoors apply a repellent to your skin. There are pet and kid-friendly natural repellents that can be effective.
  • 5. Consider inviting natural predators of mosquitoes to your yard. Bats can consume up to 600 mosquitoes in just one hour, making them one of the best natural predators of these insects. Bat houses can be made or purchased and once the bats move in they will greatly contribute in controlling the mosquito population.

In addition to these steps, there are actually some plants you can grow to deter mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Their aromas signal to mosquitoes that the surrounding environment is not hospitable and the mosquitoes respond by avoiding the area.

  • Citronella is a common ingredient you may have seen in many products sold in stores such as mosquito repellent candles and oils for outdoor tiki torches. This oil comes from a plant that can be easily grown in your yard.
  • Lavender is a plant that has purple flowers and is very effective at warding off pesky insects. The oils naturally produced by this plant put off a strong scent that repels insects.
  • Blooming plants called chrysanthemums contain pyrethrum, which is frequently used in natural insect repellents and even some dog shampoos. This natural chemical can kill and repel mosquitoes and other pests. These hardy plants are a welcome addition to any yard or garden.

When planting any type of plant in your yard or garden always beware of any potential hazards. Keep these types of plants away from pets and children as some plants can cause serious problems if ingested.

Even after taking these proactive steps to deter mosquitoes you may find that your yard has been taken over by these flying, potentially dangerous insects. If you live near other people who let standing water sit or if you live near a creek or wooded areas it can be near impossible to keep mosquitoes away, resulting in the need for a professional and experienced pest control company to get involved. A professional technician will inspect the property and discuss the recommended treatment options. Contact Spence’s Pest Control for all your pest needs.