While apartment living is generally great, there is one thing that makes all renters groan. Cockroaches consider apartment buildings home as much as you do. Unfortunately, in Virginia, there is no law that requires landlords to provide monthly exterminators. However, they are required to provide livable conditions, so if one apartment does have an infestation, they must provide exterminators. Again, this may be difficult and a lot of the responsibility of preventing a roach infestation falls on you.

Prevention should always be the first step! We’ve put together a few tips on how to prevent roaches in your apartment. 

photo of young brunette woman cleaning kitchen

Keep All Food Sealed and Hidden

Roaches often affect those in apartments who have pets, as these pets require food and water to be out most of the time or all of the time. The smell of food will attract cockroaches, who see any crumb as a welcoming feast. Then they hide in a dark crevice, and multiply, quickly. Keeping dirty dishes in the sink, not sweeping or cleaning up crumbs, and leaving any open food on the counters can attract roaches. If your building already has a problem, it’s important to make your apartment as unwelcoming to bugs as possible. 

If you keep pantry items like pasta, rice, cereals, or other food items in simple boxes and plastic bags - you may want to stop by your nearest organizer store and pick up some Tupperware or plastic tubs where you can easily, and neatly, store your food. This will prevent the smell from attracting cockroaches, and will also prevent them from invading your food. Whenever possible, put your pet’s food away in the fridge and serve it to them periodically, rather than leaving it out all the time. 

Seal All Cracks

Cockroaches get into your home through cracks in the walls and windows. They can get through even the tiniest hole, so it’s important to inspect your apartment and look at the foundations, check under sinks and behind fixtures, and make sure that any holes and spaces are sealed. Windows are another important place to check around, as pests can easily get through, and buildings often have old sealants on the windows which may already be worn and cracked. 

Roaches prefer kitchens not just because of food, but because they can usually get water or moisture from around the sink. Bathrooms tend to harbor hidden pests for the same reason. If you have a leaky sink or your faucets spray water around, it’s important to dry areas thoroughly - otherwise, you may find a family of roaches treating a puddle like a watering hole. 

Call in the Professionals

If you already have an infestation in your apartment, it can be difficult to treat on your own. Store-bought sprays and pesticides can be harmful to you and your pets - and may not even get the job done. Roaches are great hiders and lay many eggs that are even more difficult to spot. The best thing you can do is allow the professionals to deal with it. Contact Spence’s Pest Control and speak to an expert about having a professional take care of your pest problem - it’s cheaper, faster, and easier than you think.