Your home can be vulnerable to a cockroach invasion even if you keep it tidy. This is because a dwelling with food and plenty of hiding places is enticing to an insect that can live in almost any environment.

How To Prevent Cockroaches From Entering Your Home

Cockroaches are one of the most invasive pests you will encounter in your home. They breed quickly and will live off of any debris, even items you would think are inedible. There are some basic steps you can take to keep them out. These steps involve taking action on the interior and exterior of your house to help avoid an invasion.

Exterior Steps to Take

Roaches gain entry to homes by crawling under doors and cracks in your home’s foundation. You may not even notice the easy access areas as they can be hard to see, but if you look around the exterior windows and doors there are some things to look out for.

  • Seal any noticeable gaps around windows and doors. Once roaches find these spaces they’ll have easy access to your home.
  • Replace or repair any loose siding or rotten fascia boards. Roaches will be able to enter your home once they discover an exterior void.
  • Remove any yard debris and recycle bins that are close to your foundation. These items are attractive to roaches as they provide hiding places.
  • Inspect around holes used for electric, gas, and plumbing lines and seal any areas that seem suspect.

It is recommended that you inspect these problem areas at least once a year and if you do notice cracks and holes, make sure to seal them as soon as possible. You can use caulk to seal small ones, while steel wool and foam are best to fill larger gaps, especially around pipes. For bigger openings around chimneys or attic vents, you can use a fine wire mesh to create a barrier. Weatherstripping is recommended for under door sweeps and storm doors.

Interior Steps to Take

Cockroaches are not choosy about what they eat and where they nest, but there are some items they are more drawn to. Taking steps to begin clearing out your home and removing some of these inviting items will go a long way to deter these pests.

  • Toss out all old cardboard boxes and any newspaper piles. Roaches are especially drawn to cardboard boxes and newspapers to eat and to nest in.
  • Clear out clutter. Old clothing or magazines that you’ve been meaning to donate or throw away will attract cockroaches, even if they’re neatly stored.
  • Inspect your attic and crawl space for any gaps around the baseboards and vents. Roaches can easily venture through these entry points.
  • Keep all food items stored properly. Airtight containers can be used to store cereal and other bulk items that aren’t refrigerated. If these items are left out roaches will eat and nest in them.

Some additional prevention tips include keeping food crumbs off of your countertops and floors. It’s also advisable to occasionally clean under and around appliances. As you prepare and cook food, crumbs unknowingly fall into crevices and can build up around or under the stove. Make a plan to sweep and mop around these areas and even slide the appliance away from the wall to check behind it if able to safely do so.

An experienced pest control technician is your best line of defense to ward off cockroaches and other pests. They will know what signs to look for and how to best treat the areas if there’s already an infestation. Contact Spence’s Pest Control to schedule an inspection.