Mosquitoes are probably the most annoying summer pest that plagues everyone in the world. If you find it hard to enjoy your backyard space because of these little buggers, know that you’re not alone. Mosquitoes pester every country in the world - the only two places without mosquitoes are Antarctica and Iceland, simply because they’re too cold. As soon as temperatures hit over 50 degrees, mosquitos will show up to feast on you and your family. Not only are they annoying, but they can also carry diseases. Unfortunately, if you have any outdoor space, you’ll always be fighting a battle to keep their numbers down.

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Tips for Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in Backyards

If you found that you’ve tried everything available, from bug zappers to every citronella candle on the market and you’re still being chased indoors by buzzing bloodsuckers, you may want to consider getting professional help. There are a few other steps you can take to ensure that your outdoor space is safe from swarms of these bugs.

Keep the area free of leaves and water - While mosquitoes don’t care about food, they do nest in wet areas and leaves. Keeping your yard free of leaf piles and decaying plants will help keep the bug population at bay. Avoid decor that collects water, or make sure to empty out any stagnant water after it rains. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, and it’s a terrible surprise to find larvae in your bird bath or fountain - so it’s best to avoid it altogether. You should also mow the lawn and clean out debris from the gutters. Any water that can’t be drained—like pools—should be treated with chlorine.

Install an oscillating fan or floor fans - These bugs don’t fly very well, so using fans can keep the area clear when you’re outside trying to enjoy the area. Their little wings aren’t strong enough to battle strong winds, so either install a ceiling fan or use a few standing fans and have them rotate to blow any mosquitoes away from you and your family.

Burn rosemary - These bugs are irritated by the smoke from herbs like dried rosemary. These come cheap in the supermarket, or you can grow them and leave them outside until they’re dry. You can burn them like incense to keep away mosquitoes. It’s only a temporary solution but can keep them at bay enough for you to be able to stay outside.

Use mosquito netting - If you have a seating area, you may want to consider getting mosquito netting to cover it. It’s usually sheer enough that you still get a great view but keeps the bugs out.

Use essential oils - Though not as effective as chemical repellents, these do contribute to an overall mosquito-free zone. You can combine essential oils with some water in a spray bottle and spray down surfaces and seating areas, or use them on your skin (if they’re food-grade only). Think lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, clove, tea tree, and neem oil. You can use any combination of these!

Professional treatment - If you find that your mosquito problem is extremely bothersome and nothing is helping, consider hiring a professional. Call Spence’s Pest Control at 804-794-4100 and schedule a free inspection. We can help you take control of your yard so it remains mosquito-free for weeks with a barrier spray treatment.