Workplaces are commonly plagued with the potential for pest problems. Even though there isn't a lot of food storage or cooking that typically happens in offices, there's plenty of temptation for pests. 

Common Pest Infestations in Offices

Here's a summary of some of these pests and tips for prevention. 

Rodents are a common pest in homes and businesses. They can be especially problematic in the warehouse-style type of offices since there's plenty of hiding space and a variety of stored items. Rodents don't necessarily need a major food source to be drawn to a specific area. Hiding spaces are enough to draw them in. 

To prevent infestations there are steps you can take.

  • Keep boxed items off of the floor. Rodents tend to nest in areas closer to the ground rather than in spaces high up. If you have items such as paper, or other goods stored, move them onto raised shelves wherever possible.
  • Routine cleaning. No matter how clean you keep things there can be pest problems. Routine cleaning does help. Any food crumbs or leftover storage boxes that are no longer needed give rodents all they need to feed and nest. Removing extra boxes and stored paper products will go a long way toward prevention. 

Fruit flies or drain flies are a common nuisance in offices. These pests are usually present in areas where there is moist, organic material, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and trash and recycling areas. 

To reduce the likelihood of infestations, here are a couple of tips. 

  • Empty trash and recycling containers daily. These small flies love moisture and organic substances. The food or beverage containers thrown into recycling bins give these pests all they need to thrive. Make sure to use bags to line trash and recycle receptacles.
  • Keep sinks clean and empty. These flies tend to congregate around sinks since they need moisture. If dishes and food are left in the sink even for a short period of time, that's enough for them. Wiping sinks down with a cleaner or bleach solution will make a big difference in controlling these pests.

Roaches and ants can find their way into offices and quickly spread. These common pests are perhaps the most difficult to get rid of on your own. Once you've seen one there are likely many more close by. They easily hide and they aren't that picky about where they live and what they eat.

There are some ways to deter them.

  • Store food and coffee condiments in sealed containers. Any food items stored on countertops or in cabinets are vulnerable to infestation. These pests love sugar and snack items that are often left out around coffee stations. To avoid infestations of these items, proper storage is key.
  • Wipe countertops and throw out opened items that are no longer good. Regularly tossing items that are expired or “almost empty bags” of food laying around will ensure you aren't providing a food source for these pests. It's easy to forget that mostly eaten pack of cookies or to leave snacks in a desk drawer. Going through the cabinets and drawers to purge items will help immensely. 

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