Cockroaches are resilient and breed fast, often resulting in large infestations. Keeping a lookout for these pests and knowing what to look out for to spot a potential infestation before it gets out of hand is key. There are over 4,000 cockroach species in the world, but only about 30 of them live alongside humans in our habitats. 

Here is our list and some interesting facts about the most common cockroach species that you might encounter. 

Common Cockroaches and Some Surprising Facts

German cockroaches are a common species found inside homes and businesses. The adults are typically light brown or tan and will sport black stripes behind their heads. They are most active at night and often found in or near small hiding spaces like cracks, crevices, gaps, and behind appliances. Some interesting facts about these pests include their ability to detect many pesticides and avoid them. Their survival instincts are strong making them difficult to tackle with DIY pest control. 

American cockroaches are one of the larger species and are mainly found outside. In the winter, they are known to attempt to move indoors to escape the cold. Commonly found in areas where food and water are plentiful, these roaches often are seen in kitchens and food storage areas. This species is much larger than others and appears as a reddish-brown color with yellow-colored bands on their bodies behind their heads. They are resilient, like all species of cockroaches, and can even live up to a week without their heads.

Oriental cockroaches are another species commonly found outside hiding beneath leaf litter, mulch, rocks, and other yard debris that offers them safety. Indoors, they can be found in crawl spaces, under sinks, and in any moist area such as basements. They are often known as water bugs or black beetle roaches due to their dark color and preference for moist environments. Despite having wings these roaches cannot fly. 

Wood roaches are commonly found outside. Although they might occasionally fly or crawl into homes, these pests do not live long indoors as they are vulnerable to the lower humidity levels. They are small, brown-colored insects. This is one species you don't need to worry about infesting your home. They don't like to feed on food scraps like most other roaches. Their diet is primarily decaying wood, hence the name. 

Whatever type of cockroach you might encounter, seeing one indoors is always disturbing because they carry and spread bacteria. They are known to quickly breed in large numbers, leading to infestations. Once these pests infest an area it's difficult to get rid of them without professional pest control. 

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