Are you looking forward to warmer weather and enjoying some time outdoors but concerned about being bugged by pesky critters? There are some steps you can take to help make your outdoor time more enjoyable and stay protected from pests.

Prevent Wasps and Bees Naturally

1) Exterior maintenance checkups. There are many reasons that pests will be attracted to outdoor spaces and some reasons involve exteriors that need some routine maintenance. One of the areas to pay close attention to are gutters and downspouts. If these areas get clogged up and water isn't flowing through and away from your house, you could be at risk of not only a leaky roof but also a pest infestation. Most pests are prone to nest and hide in areas that remain damp. Be sure to clear out the gutters often and use this opportunity to take a peek to see if any repairs are needed.

2) Inspect your yard and garden for any signs of pest problems. Pest problems can get out of control fast, so finding any potential infestations before they escalate is essential. Look out for any excessive pest activity on your property. Some signs may be more obvious than others depending on the type of critter, but some common signs include unexplained holes in the yard or mounds of dirt that suddenly appear. Termites and ants dig tunnels underground, while rodents may build small nests in the ground. If you see anything out of the norm, you should inspect closer or contact a professional pest control company.

3) Clear any yard debris and dump out any standing water. Pests are drawn to any area where they can hide such as yard debris. Log piles, leaf piles, and tall grass are all areas to pay close attention to. Even the tiniest amount of standing water will be a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes, and will attract pests seeking relief on hot, dry days. Make sure to peek around your yard, and empty water out of any containers such as planters or trash cans.

4) Create airflow. It might not seem like an obvious solution, but by creating airflow, you can have a space that is virtually pest free (at least from flying insects like mosquitoes and flies). You may have noticed on windy days that certain bugs aren't as bad as days that don't have much wind. That's because most winged insects don't have much wing strength. When you have fans blowing in select spaces you can keep a majority of those insects at bay as long as the air is moving. An oscillating or ceiling fan will likely work best in outdoor areas. 

5) Hire a professional pest control company. Following some proactive steps to keep pests at a minimum will go a long way to prevent infestations. Since infestations can happen quickly and some signs of pests are easily overlooked, a professional pest control company can be your best defense to tackle any pest problem. Trained technicians will know precisely what to check for and where to look. The correct equipment and products used by a pest control company are the most effective tools to prevent pests and control any existing infestations.

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