Summer is a great time. Sunshine, outdoors, gardening, beaches, picnics, and all the warm-weather activities you can think of. That is, until ants are trying to invade your kitchen. Or you’re swarmed by mosquitos on your porch. Or suddenly you’re finding a mouse or termites in the walls. While summer is fun for people, it’s the time that bugs come alive too. It’s important to be incredibly vigilant in your home during the warm season so that you can prevent pests. Here are five tips to keep out summer pests, so you can enjoy this season in peace.

Worker spraying pesticide onto green lawn outdoors, closeup. Pest control

Remove Mosquito Hiding Places

Mosquitos exist in nearly every state, and they can become quite bothersome if your property attracts these little blood-suckers. The first thing you should do as the weather begins to get warm is empty out and remove any vessels that hold water. From toys to plant trays, these all collect water after the rain and therefore make a perfect nest for mosquitos. Mosquitos lay their eggs in water. It may be a chore, but to keep mosquito numbers down, you should always go out after the rain and empty out any standing water. You can also use an outdoor fan, as mosquitos aren’t strong fliers and can’t withstand brisk blowing air. 

Seal Holes and Replace Weather Strips

Spring is a great time to do some cleaning and some repairs. It’s a good idea to go along the foundation of your home and inspect around any windows for holes, chips, or cracks and seal them. Mice, roaches, ants, and just about any other bug can come in through even the tiniest hole and start an infestation. Pay close attention to old weatherstripping or places that have been sealed before - by being thorough you can prevent a lot of frustration over pests.

Keep Your Yard Neat

Whether you have grass, plant beds, or choose to allow native fauna to flourish, you must still keep it maintained throughout the summer. Ticks are among the most feared pests for gardeners. These little blood-lovers bite down and nest in the skin. They’re also disease carriers, so with them you must watch out for a variety of flu-like diseases, as well as Lyme disease, which can be deadly. Always make sure you check your pets and children when they come inside after playing in the yard. Mosquitos also use long grasses and untamed bushes as shelter from the sun, so keeping your yard neat keeps a number of pests at bay.

Inspect for Termites Once a Year

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage to homes every year in the United States, making them the most expensive pest. Termites eat wood, hollowing out beams and floorboards, making your own home dangerous, and difficult to fix. They can be spotted by their mud tunnel homes outside, which often leads to their food source. Termites will also leave behind a pile of wings when they’ve decided to nest in a place. 

Hire a Professional Service

Summer is the best time for insects. They thrive in the summer weather. If you’ve suddenly found yourself with a pest infestation that is overwhelming, contact us at Spence’s Pest Control for professional help. Our pest control experts have the experience needed to help you with all of your pest concerns throughout all of the seasons.