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RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL Pest Control in Central Virginia



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Residential Pest Control

Spence’s Pest Control offers a wide range of services to fit our client’s needs, some of our programs are:

Green IPM Programs

This is a detailed program that may take more services than normally speaking.

Quarterly Program

This is Spence’s Pest Control Co. most popular program. On our initial service we will come inside your home so we can inspect, place monitors in key locations, and make application in areas where pests may hide.

Seasonal Services

Spence’s Pest Control services would depend on the client’s needs and what their problems and concerns are; ex. Mosquitos, ticks, bees, snakes.

One Time Service

Spence’s Pest Control services normally only cover one insect, however with most insects, more than one application is necessary.

Commercial Pest Control

All commercial establishments are different. Please call our office to have one of your inspectors come out to inspect and discuss your needs.
Control Room Service - Pest Extermination in Richmond, VA
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